Monday, October 3, 2011

Starting Out

Ive always found that my diary and release is writing music, but I'm going to try another way of documenting my journey in my music and in my life, through blogging! I have always wanted to keep track of everything that happens to remember, grow, and share my story. 

I have found myself  frustrated lately, being an independent artist I operate all of the business aspects of being a recording artist, and by the end of the business day sometimes I don't even have the energy to write and do the creative side! My favorite days/nights are the ones where I'm able to just lay in my "music cave" and write everything I feel. My "music cave" is my spare bedroom that I have turned into a music room, with instruments, recording equipment, and the dim lighting to inspire me. Thats where most of the action happens! There have been so many opportunities, and amazing doors opened in my career over these past few months, and everything from here on out will be documented via this blog :) 


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