Monday, October 10, 2011


I have recently come back in contact with a person that I had purposely removed from my life. This person will stay anonymous, but since blogging is my "diary" you get to here ALL about it. This is a person that I have worked with in the past, an incompetent, horrible person that has made every effort to change who I am professionally, and personally. At one point it felt like this person "held" my career in their hands and that was a very vulnerable and scary place to be.

They actually made me second guess myself to the point where I thought giving up and "quitting" my career would be better than having to spend another day working with them. By the grace of God I was able to get out of the situation and have grown immensely in the months following. I have moved on to a whole new team of people, I'm in a place of power and joy in my career, and in my personal life as well.

The "name" had become a distant memory and something that I no longer needed to think about, or worry about. Unfortunately, I found myself needing music from this person that they had after over a year..STILL NOT GIVEN ME. Its amazing how all those negative emotions and feelings that I had left could come rising back after a 3 minute conversation with this person.

I had to spend some time reiterating the fact that this person NO LONGER had control over me, my career, my life, or my success, and NEVER had. Listening to them "brag" about their successes, and putting themselves as high as they possibly could to cover who they really were, made me want to punch this person in the neck ;) but also caused me to feel sorry for this person.

I have been blessed and have grown up to realize that the most important thing, especially in a working relationship, is to treat people good. To follow through with your promises, and to go above and beyond to make a change in someones life. I pray that this person will realize the value of life, and be able to move forward from who they've been. I know it seems funny that through that whole rant this is where I end up, but its TRUE. I believe that person was put in my life for a reason, sometimes that reason is as dark as the ocean at night, but sometimes I feel a peace knowing that I could not have grown to where I am now, without that situation to make me stronger. I handle situations powerfully, and  know now that NOONE can change who I am, and my success is NOT measured by the level that I stoop, or by any other human being.

Being who I am, and who YOU are is the most important thing.


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