Monday, October 17, 2011

Live Shows

I finally took a couple days this weekend to relax a little bit. Its refreshing to take some time to rest and spend time with people you love! But today is Monday and its back to work! This weekend I went out to downtown Seattle, like always the people there keep you throughly entertained! It is sad to see how long gone some people are who live on the streets. I have lived in the Seattle area my whole life and traveled to various cities around the world, and Seattle seems to have the most homeless and mentally unstable people that I have come in contact with. It would be great to know how to make a difference in their lives, but it is hard to know what can be done. I have spent quite a bit of time in the city these last couple weeks because I am looking for good music venues to have shows at. I have made the mistake in the past of booking a show with a venue I didn't know much about, and regretted it. SO now Im doing my research, especially with local shows!

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be many venues for my style of music. Seattle has a great Rock/Indie music scene, but pop is lacking here. Im hoping I can start touring to the LA area soon, but in the meantime I'm doing shows around the city of rock :]

My next show is going to be at the SeaMonster Lounge in the Fremont district of Seattle this coming Saturday Oct 22nd at 8:30pm. Its a really small venue/lounge but it will still be a lot of fun. Maybe I can find a great following of people who like pop music here in Seattle so I don't feel out of the local music scene. Otherwise I'm leaving this state and headed to the sunshine state! Maybe.

Till next time,

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