Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A rainy day

Today was pouring rain, and most would hate it, but not me! I have always loved the rain, the harder it rains the better. I've been doing this exercise tape (I know embarrassing, haha) called 10 minute abs and its kicking my butt! So as I write this I am stretched out on the couch trying to relieve my muscles of the pain!

One thing I have been really needing to do is do another photo shoot. My pictures are getting boring! I went and got my makeup done from my favorite place My Flawless Tan and Makeup this morning and then head off to my photo shoot. It was a really basic photo shoot but there were some great shots! Cant wait to share them, and see the final product.

I also just released my new music video Beauty of a Dream yesterday! So far there has been a lot of great feedback. It was a really fun shoot. That song is actually one of my older songs, but it seems to be a favorite even still. The song is very personal to me. Its a song about realizing that you can accomplish anything. That sometimes it doesn't seem like your getting closer to your dreams, or to a goal but thats part of the beauty, it surprises you with different paths than you make out for yourself.  In the beginning its noticing that what you desire and dream about is "bigger than you" but even still you can conquer it and accomplish whatever that is in your life. Towards the end, its about realizing its not that much bigger than you, when you dive in and put your all in to your dream. Its a really relevant song in my life, and was a topic I feel passionate about. I am clearly a dreamer and believe in the impossible and I wanted to let people see the reality of that in their lives.

Anyways I'm starting to ramble, theres just so much to talk about! Im out for now, and will be back to blog my journey soon, ciao!!


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  1. very like your work! I wish you much success!