Monday, March 5, 2012

New Season

Its insane how fast the future comes. I have been planning things for my future for years and years, and now, everything is coming so fast. I talked in a previous blog about how I am moving to LA this Spring..guess what?? Its next month! Its crazy to think that it was just a distant plan, an idea, and now its HAPPENING! A couple months ago if you would have asked me how I was feeling, I wouldn't really have an answer. I didn't want to think about it cause it was nerve wracking and something I didn't feel ready for. BUT I committed to the plan and as I've made the plans towards it, I feel at peace and excited for it. I am actually getting impatient, I'm ready to move now!  My heart has been prepared and molded for this new chapter.

I am ready for a new season in my life. Sometimes we get very comfortable and stagnant in our lives, that it is hard to rock the boat and change it up. As an artist and an adventure seeker, I want to always be pushing myself to new bounds. I am seeing more and more my life going forward on the right course. I have done everything that I can do here in Seattle, and I'm ready to take on a new region!

Over these past few months I have been stretching myself in my life and in what I see possible. I went from being a Recording Artist and a singer, to being a songwriter, publisher, business woman, entrepreneur, a visionary, and much more. I no longer look at life in a box. Shoot, I want to own my own record label! Seeing the possibilities that are out there for me, have inspired me. Why just sing songs when you can write, publish, produce, and market them yourself! How much more rewarding is that?

I am ready to take these goals and realities to a whole new level. I am ready to be thrown into a new season of my life,  to learn, grow, and be inspired in new ways. I feel like I've hit a block of what I can soak in where I'm at.  My craft is about being inspired and constantly pushing forward. I am inspired by stepping into this new unknown season, and am so excited to share my journey, inspirations, and successes with you!

Much Love Always!

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