Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lights Low, Adeles 21 playing, and a MacBook Pro.

As I sit in my studio, lights low, candle lit, and Adele's 21 playing I can't help but be in a contemplative, inspired mood.  Over these past couple weeks I have been challenging myself to write a song or part of a song every single day. At first this was very difficult for me...what do I write about? When I force myself to sit down and write when I'm uninspired, I hit a writers block, and nothing flows. After a couple days of "nothing" coming out I started to let my guard down. I captured the mindset that no one will hear this if I don't want them to...so what the risk? As soon as I broke those walls down, it was amazing how much flowed out of me.. Emotions of every color: sorrow, sassiness, anger, laughter, tears, soulful..lyrics and melodies that were REAL, that were the true sound inside of me. So many times I write songs as a "job" to make a deadline and sometimes lose the therapeutic beauty of writing..and why I love it! It has been exhilarating to let go and write what is inside of me.

Some of my best songs have just flowed out of me in less than an hour. Thats when I'm really inspired and the song is aligned with who I am. Which is something I am feeling empowered in lately...being honest and up front about who I am. I have faith that as the real me continues to shine through that my fans will connect with me on a deeper level. I don't want to just sell records and not be tangible. Some of my favorite parts of what I do is having people and fans trust me enough to confide and build a relationship with me. I LOVE being connected in that way. Through letting myself be accessible to my fans I have been rocked. There are truly some incredible people out there, they make me laugh, they inspire me, and I hope that through my journey, beliefs, and music that I can give a small sliver of that back to them, back to you reading this.

Not wanting to be all "sappy" but hey, I'm an artist, I feel deep. ;)

God Bless,

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